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  • 🔭 Focus on IoT security and Android security.
  • 🌱 Learning VM escape.
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  • 🏫 Bachelor: Sichuan university; Master: Wuhan university
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信息安全学报 , Han Yan, Guojun Peng, Luo Yuan, Side Liu

Android Data-Clone Attack via Operating System Customization

IEEE Access, Song, Wenna, Ming Jiang, Han Yan, Yi Xiang, Yuan Chen, Yuan Luo, Kun He, and Guojun Peng.

App’s Auto-Login Function Security Testing via Android OS-Level Virtualization

ICSE’21, Song, Wenna, Jiang Ming, Lin Jiang, Han Yan, Yi Xiang, Yuan Chen, Jianming Fu, and Guojun Peng.

🙈Academic service

Journal Sub Reviewer: 信息安全学报,Cyber Security

🐒Vulnerabilities Disclosure

  • PSV-2018-0020(duplicate)
  • PSV-2019-0164
  • CVE-2019-15843
  • PSV-2020-0211(extended)
  • CVE-2021-29379